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IR Fiber Optic Flame Scanner

Specially designed for efficient and economical fiber optic flame detection, with no any viewing head required.

The Flamoptic is a fully integrated flame detector unit equipped with a fiber optic cable. The unit can be used for any standard and non-standard application, including on difficult hot environments and on tilting type burners where a standard scanner head cannot be used.

  • Ideal for difficult sighting, narrow spaces and tilting burners
  • High temperature resistant, up to 400°C
  • High flicker frequency detection up to 5,000Hz
  • Very simple design only composed of a control module and a fiber optic cable
  • Fully programmable and monitorable on PC through a Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • Real-time flame signal decomposition and frequency band selection with completely programmable digital filters for better flame discrimination
  • Two independent flame relay outputs and filters for two different fire settings or conditions
  • 4-20mA analog output for relative flame strength monitoring on BMS
  • Flame data logging on PC
  • Continous self-check system with fiber optic shutter and software integrity verification 


Flamoptic IR Flame Scanner

Flamoptic Fiber Optic Assembly

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